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The sudden withdrawal of the influence of the medulla oblongata, during fright or

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any good effects. I began now to fear that I should be forced to give

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sents analogies to the severer form, spirochetosis ictero-

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ment — or rather to the re-establishment — of a Medical Faculty

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the exposure and manipulation of the viscera (about

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matoid arthritis" (Poynton, see p. 400). In his article on rheumatoid

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has been suggested that certain drugs have affinities for particular

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below. The floor of the urethra is restored in the same way. Third,

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method of treatment. With patients treated at home the use of sponges

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with caWty formation, a flne spray containing tubercle bacilli is emitted

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(a) Faintness and dizziness: It is not always possible to attribute these

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wine on certain dsLjs. An attempt may also be made to excite reab-

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pursued in treatment. The right heart, which has to bear the brunt of the pul-

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piece, as otherwise it is difficult to manipulate. The most useful

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3 of infants fed upon milk sterilized at 100° C. in a water bath

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— while he should strive to do what he can to cure phthisis, he

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marv-elous. "During the past three years 60,000 men completed the three inoculations;

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The paroxysm of renal colic ends when the impacted stone passes out

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and avoiding all superfiuous matter. Descriptions of

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In 1886 Clado found that the pathogenic organism of urinary infection was

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Hall examinations are to be supervised, because it is quite

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5. A public and open competition will be held twice in the year for the admis-

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tuberculosis, and should be treated accordingly. In the

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Sforza and Gigliarelli, La malaria in Italia. Rom 1885.

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system, and it is said by some that it works change in sentiment is due, in a great

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The symptoms of ulcerative endocarditis have a close resemblance to

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the pursuit haphazard and disorderly, and the result will be

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ture. The proper color of the control in tube 11 should be salmon red or old rose

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is usually not apparent, and is rarely constituted by

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Jahn and others called attention to the fact that domestic animals