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local bleeding and active saline purges, favors the passage of regular

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and burning produced by the contact of a multitude of ants. Prurigo

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arrest of the respiration, and acute carbonic-acid poisoning, from ex-

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and subsequently the bacteriological findings. He believed the

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ular crusts constantly increase on account of the continued suppuration,

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inclined to regard mankind from a gloomy or a favorable point of view,

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The most that can be expected is that they may hinder the

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ing the causal indication, as well as the procedure above proposed,

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stage. The skin is often covered with an eruption of miliaria rubra.

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The investigations of Reynolds oppose the general view that the

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that the direct treatment of disease of the skin is the best for many

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like a loose sail. Some of the purposes for which the facial muscles

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down into a purulent liquid. In this way small abscesses form, by the

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Hospital, London. London : Oxford University Press. 20s. net.

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mation seems limited to the womb, local depletion of that organ

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scissors. Later Mr. Jessop introduced his " ring-scissors," which

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not probably depends largely on the nature of the infection,

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and half an inch thick. The walls of the sac are colored rusty-brown

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loaded with exhalations from the patients (lazaret-fever), exanthematic

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acute form we find the pia mater injected, swollen, and relaxed. In

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tensive hypostatic congestion in the dependent parts of the body.

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where the disease was carried from one place to another by scarlatina

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the variety in extent, in intensity of the morbid process, more accu-

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(gtt. XV-XXA), the lactate of iron (gr. ij-v), the ferri carb. saccharat.

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giving rise to the toxins, which cause gout ; and the other,

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the rectum when the hgemorrhoidal vein is obstructed.

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his feet " — or vice versa. They are lucky if they have not ;

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intermittent, the most evident is one or more previous attacks of the

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bounded nodule, flattened on top, which is not as yet excavated, and

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in those who had had no children, and had not frequently indulged in

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high readings by isoagglutination of the red corpuscles, the

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first perceive rounded knots of the size of a hazel-nut or of a walnut,

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ening. In the cases which I have seen, especially in adult patients, I

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with the onset of suppuration in the gall-bladder. In the