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ver in children. Columbus M. J., 1894-5, xiii, 508-

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as a preliminary to medical graduation. They find their

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outside the ring, and thence, through the lymph-channels

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suffering as much as before from the same troubles." Even if

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eggs contained in one of these segments are in any way able to

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anterior wall of the right ventricle, involving the

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Dr. Engel says, " Whoever has learned old Greek will

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puzzled. It should be well for us to remember that coughing is

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the human body through drinking water should be remembered so

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gradually yields to the weight above, or some slight movement precipitates

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ble purpose of taking so much blood from the capillaries, and of

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mert. Educational Coordinator, Room 202, Cardinal Glennon

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subject of congratulation for the present, of happy augury for the

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higher than 18,800 was only noted in 3 (highest, 28,200); 2 of these

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Treatment. — The main point is to pay proper attention to the

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times been called blastema, coagulable lymph, false mem-

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'- n,.,.n (H,S). sulphur dioxide (SO,), and vari„u- oxides and

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ments, for the appropriate cases, why should we not also

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the patient any nourishment until he calls for it ; but to

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for the fly, as can readily be done by clearing it of

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ministered in cases of chorea ; and although we are aware that the profession

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substance, but migrated leucocytes, and proliferating epithelium,

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be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and SurgicalJoumal,

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about half to 1 million per cubic mm., but they may be much lower, and

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tion. When the contraction and closure is over, the urine will

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finally be realised. It might perhaps bring forth ripe

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a collection of pus is found, it is opened largely and

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Stevens-Johnson syndrome, herpes zoster, erythema multiforme, urticaria, pemphigus, alopecia, flushing,

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which he may call biliousness or derangement of the liver, and which, in some