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Although it has ever been the boasted aim of civilization to ameliorate
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Once in Boston, twenty-five years ago, a northern friend was trying
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E=the amount of carbon dioxid exhaled by one person in one
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thymus gland, remarkv;d in tliese, cannot help us one step in
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quoted as an authority for the most unscrupulous use of instruments.
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Hypodermic Injection of Quininic. — Dr. Jas. M'Craith,
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into the circulation. The question in itself offers an interesting
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advanced cases, to be reduced almost to the condition of a pulp, which renders
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and alcohol are excluded; meat and other proteids are to be taken in moder-
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entire sphincter was cut through. This little instrument can do all tin
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tines lie in the true pelvis. The rectum and bladder fill the true pelvis.
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effects of trusses, the amount of substance thus lost depends very
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which was recently closed, brought an addition of about
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the size of a cherry. They usually appear at the summit of the axilla,
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Dr. Keller : There is no one here that voted for it yesterday
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The Peesideni said his opinion, based on many cases, was
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he taught inculcated no routine use of the remedy, even in those
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side of Scotland can claim as much. This statement is
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finger at once, almost removed the pain ; a second, applied an
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Ordinarily, man is so susceptible to plague that there is no reaction at the site
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of the heart and the manner in which the individual
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epinephrine hydrochloride, 0.5 to 0.8 c.c. with Dem-
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Sodium Bi-carbonate was found to be an exceedingly feeble
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ress in the Treatment of Diseases of the Throat, I can only add a statement
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4. Locality exercises some influence, as evidenced by the manner in
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which, with the beards, had been introduced by the urethra by ihe patient
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cubital, and other glands appeared rather suspicious, and on
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we often observe an herpetic eruption on, or in the neighbourhood of,
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use since the year 1848. To this change is to be attributed, in a great degree,
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at any part of the tube. Opening the trachea is generally
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genic point of view. These are : (1) urticaria and purpura ; (2) acute,
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portion to the extent of lung involved, an empyema may be
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impinge directly and forcibly on the inflamed tonsil sur&ce itself; but
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has been found to be the best adapted for distinguishing tiic
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as in many adult bladders. The ureters had attained a
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pation, servant girl ; family history, tubercular. She entered
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noid was found to be opaque and thickened over the right
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image is tilted to the patient's right. (See fig. 109.)
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tions of that disease. Thyroid extract has been strongly recommended in