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irritation sustained, or by the failure of susceptibility to the ordinary

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black colour with solutions of the salts of sesquioxide of iron, but has

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water, ferment into a most agreeable alcoholic liquor ; and the

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lity, and the part of the body, in which this sensibility, in a

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manner as the precipitated carbonate. There was formerly an officinal

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The morbid conditions to which vtilerian is moBt appropriate are the

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plaint, in full doses, and preferably at night. In small doses, frequently

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safer practice, in these fevers, to wait for a decided remission before pre^

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immunized or treated and challenged at noted temperatures. *10 LDgg of K« pneumoniae =

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1. Powders. — 2 Electuaries. — 8. Conserves. — 4. Pills. — 5. Loxenges. — 6. Cata-

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sensitive and motor functions. Hence arise two distinct indications for

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The medicine may l>e employed in the paroxysms of spasmodw asthma,

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of the presence of galiir and pyrogallic acids. Into these acids, therefore,

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solvent. This dissolves one-fourth of its weight of phosphorus, and has

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little concussion given to the body. The body is specifically

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Origin. Under the name of Belladonna, the British Pharmacopoeia

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if the excitability of the organs has not been fatally impaired, and no de-

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evidently not entitled to the rank of medicines. There are, moreover,

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air-passages. (Am. Journ. of Med. Set, July, 1863, p. 128,)

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ture of some of them, or by a fracture of the patella.

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