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without goiter. In i case it included the eyebrows. The loss of hair
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boarded at hotel; friends and patients alike absented themselves;
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that the new buildings should come into use as soon as pos-
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them. That this picture of a patient's state should become a rarity
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It has been met with at all ages from five to fifty years, but the
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action of muscarine was almost completely antagonised by
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simple varieties. The nine cases to which I have referred
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selves find out that the>' are troubled with what they call "a t^Axr stom-
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in one side Say thou with regard to it: it is bending?
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affections of the prostate and of the urethra, are so conmionly surgical
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may be affected by the derangements of the excreting glands. All
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covering the bottom of a round capsule having a diameter of
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the use of nurses in sickness. The lease of the hospital has been
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by patients coming from the country, is there abuse of the
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stomach disorders, which may be mistaken for an attack of gall-stones,
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with quinin, and in a large proportion this had been supplemented
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E. Richmond, Manchester ; Mr. F. F. Raven, Broadstairs. (S) Mr. R.
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of their duties by boards of guardians and other sanitary
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quantity. Tlie greatest number of grains of sugar passed in
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work. That work is not increased by a diet of carbohydrates, such as
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Vertigo is not uncommon in fimctional derangements of the ali-
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have now extended their operations to that city, and that
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not more, since with larger doses even in healthy individuals a tran-
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Ha koev R ad, has received a donation of £200 from the
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Turning to his scientific work, we find that if it was relatively
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gait and finds himself incapable of performing the simplest act, such
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actually paralyzed. Frequently in diphtheria the knee-jerk is early
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nerves supplying the muscles predominating in the movement
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complaint of pain; but the other features of these cases enable us readily
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may suddenly develop convulsions, to be followed by fatal coma. The