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the profession in this line of practice directed his en-
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bility of a movable kidney being produced suddenly by
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St. Paul, June 5. The program will include the president's
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that carcinoma develops right in the ulcer as a result of
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days a week instead of perpetually abstaining therefrom
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of the motor vocal speech center by which these impulses
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urging the prompt application of the antidiphtheria serum.
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was not thirty-six hours from the initial symptoms.
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the legs in iodized cotton and bathe the hands in hot water to
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sensation nbsen^ below 2nd rib In front. 2nd dorsal spine behind :
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presides on the first day of its annual session. The reading of
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fact that a majority of all hereditary cases begin during the
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Great Britain: England — Sheffield, April 13-20, 1 case. Scot
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curved epiglottis. 6. In the larynx, presence of mucus
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Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are noted below.
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medication and other therapeutic measures, the heart may re-
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pursuing his. studies at the Universities of Leipsic and Dublin.
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those who are gouty and thin are in a different category. One
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gone four months, and Dr. J. Garland Sherril], Louisville, will
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and various bacteria chiefly pyogenic in character, are
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lungs, oft repeated, aid revulsion. Internally he administen
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The physiologic character of the respiration is prac-
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cases are, however, of an insidious nature, so that not
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being withdrawn turbid urine began to flow :ind, in four
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has met during the past few weeks has taken some action
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cool slowly in the air has given him most excellent results.
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cavity was irrigated with normal salt solution and three large
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hands, it is not more than one-half or one-quarter per cent.
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of streptococcic sore throat, all having much the same clinical
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in the middle ear may cause, in part, similar symptoms
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Straits Settlements : Singapore, March 2-16, 1 death.
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appear to have lost heart, at all events they are not pushing the
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that if our medical schools are to keep abreast of the
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monly feel impelled to do. Moreover, the court takes the
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anemia. In the former, though pale in color, the blood