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mouth was completely anaesthetic ; the sense of taste was preserved,
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substance, a wound, the pressure of a tumor, or the existence of inflam-
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sage of the stones along the ureter, or nephritic colic. The opinion of
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It is with great pleasure that we can endorse the work I ^^'^'^''e of late years we glean but a few grains of soui.d
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seems to be a physiological state that is rather definite for any
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of increase than they do at the twenty-four-hour weighing.
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this form might indicate a decreased oxidative ability in the cells
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It is important to notice this, for in making certain sutures, DiefFenbach employed the very
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tube. The author's conclusion is that the mesencephalic root is
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Budd considers it under the head of scrofulous enlargement of the liver.
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1913 b On the innervation of the digestive tube. Jour. Comp. Neur.,
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admitted into Bellevue Hospital. Of these cases, 7 proved fatal. Blood-
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more or less intolerance of light. Subacute laryngitis, denoted by hoarse-
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tion whether the different authors have really seen the same
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acute and chronic form of Bright's disease, there are differences -of opinion
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the desire and capacity for sexual intercourse. This I have noted m seve-
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experience, has occurred oftener in typhoid than typhus fever. Contrac-
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mon. Occasionally the eruption on the skin reappears after having
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In quality resembles the second sound. If the heart be notably weakened,
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tending into the thoracic space, it giA-es rise to dyspnoea on exertion,
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between Ihe external labia pudendi, an expedient quite as effectual
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tiou«, malformations, etc . matters which so rarely «re
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on the two sides of the anterior extremity of the tongue some bitter sub-
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account in arriving at this opinion. Paraplegia occurring in connection
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and that a silver probe could with difficulty get admission into
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tion of the constitutional disease. This consideration has an important
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It brings up our knowledure of the subject to (he pre-
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in which of these explanations lies the true pathology of the disease. The
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Clinical History. — The symptomatic events which are characteristic
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disease, as in the essential fevers, there is sometimes a notably increased
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oedema of the lower extremities follows. The growth of the tumor is
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constipation and vomiting — if ice do not examine the spinal
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struction of the cystic duct the gall-bladder becomes distended with a
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It lias no especial features other than it is coneis and
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investigation of symptoms. In some cases a morbid perversion of the
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times truly terrific. The face, at the time of the seizure, becomes notably
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brain, immediately after its last weighing, in a small glass vial
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N. S. Davis, M.D., Prof. Prin and Prac. of Med., Chicago Med. Coll.
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tions found in this organ. The existence of tuberculosis in this situation
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and it seemed desirable to include it as an example of what may
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