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per The Wassermann reaction in the spinal fluid was changed from

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farmwork. They stayed there during May, June and July, 1893, when they

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lowed our patients with great care, always having in mind spontaneous

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may be laid upon the sudden occurrence of embolism. Krumm re-

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of the thyroid gland ; the other 4 were cases of acute tuberculosis,

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in the same individual points to closely related or identical causa-

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is best that even slight attacks when these occur suddenly should be

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Physical examination showed unequal and irregular pupils, absent deep

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plexus but in the cortical substance of the brain, and the essence of

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roiditis which is the essential factor in nearly all cases of myxoe-

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of degenerated fibers are present. The presence of degenerated fibers in the

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it, the amount of fluid is great and accumulates rapidly. In such a

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gave the name "cachexia strumipriva." This condition was consid-

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shows the effect of varying proportions of the two acids in the precipi-

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preciation of the heat test. Meissner maintains that the skin over

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value even in cases Mc. and C. (14.6 per cent, and 15 per cent., respec-

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These may be quite absent. Internal lymph varices and lymph-

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great as to cause the student who is making his first observations to

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more blood is discharged into the tissues in the recumbent than in

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the rise is sharp in the white female population, but especially sharp

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was slight desquamation still present when seen Aug. 6, 1915. Pellagrin 1300,

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M. H., also developed the disease. She had married and left home. She had

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relieved; those with ataxia were improved; and the three with signs

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the right subclavian. This is due to the dilatation of the aorta, caus-

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10. Goldmann, E. E. : Cellular Activity in Health and Disease; Biochemical

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tion to pellagra the death has been included as due to this disease.

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which had not been favorably influenced by hot baths. The plan is

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extract of sheep's thyroid glands, in a case of myxcedema as soon

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dominating, and also found that 82 per cent, of the postmortem exami-

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should be reinvestigated on an amply large material, and employing a

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of the thyroid gland leading to a destruction of the alveoli of the

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form of the ventricular complexes during complete heart block, occur-

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sisters were at home during this time. Pellagrin 168 had typhoid fourteen

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The investigation extended over twenty-six days and consisted of

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for both auricles and ventricles, thus producing true atrioventricular

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10,000 living) were coloured in shades of hlue, the darkest blue repre-

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