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involves the pulmonary artery, it is just to assume that the lesions

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Thus, there are references to reports by Ayres and by Quain, many

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Herxheimer^s Fat Stain, — ^The formula for this stain was published

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gias, particularly of the trigeminal nerve, progres-

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arteries, capillary vessels, and veins, and drives before it the blood.

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President Elect, Roscoe L. Sensenich, South Bend, Ind.

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or not there is a slight degree of congestive failure,

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procedure varied markedly. Some of the animals showed definite gen-

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demonstrated an increase in the fat content of the fibers when fatty

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or if the use of the mails is undesirable for other reasons, the speci-

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nerve cells are preserved in a living state -by being suspended in some of

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recurrence after four months in turn disappeared after the application of

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(a) If, in the Judgment of the Secretary of Agriculture, the retail butcher or retail

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of Venous Thrombosis, Surg. Gynec. & Obst. 71:307,1940.

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bams and other dairy buildings resulted in the taking up of the study

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Sinusitis. By T. ». x^wv^uo, «.. ^.. uu^4 ^u. v.. fvinx..

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the surrounding tissues or reach the general circulation through the

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of 1:128. Figure 4 shows the course of the temperature,

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the loss on the producer but not diminishing the amount of defective carcasses which

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accompanied by certificates that they had been properly inspected

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C. P. Dyer, M.D., and Julius Jensen, M.D.; alternate

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fn„n wl.i.-h it is inf,....T,l that s..,-!,,s a.'.- <-,...,l..<-t.-.l l-y tl.o sam^-

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chion by four |-lnch bolts. The lower head pipe shall be fitted with movable clamps,

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auricular fibrillation, is direct cardiotonic action

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larger farmers and breeders as a rule have their own boars, but as it

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Pyrimidine Bases Exist in the Animal Body.- In freneral it may be said

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tional University of Mexico, 1941; member of the St.

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profitable means of disposing of many trimmings that can be utilized

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sym|itoms. es| i' lally those atTeeliii".' the sl<in and eyes and the »reneral

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made by Dr. Harris of the Connecticut Agricultural Station. The

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,n,el,.us !....• swollen. A similar swellinj; of the cell and nucleus super-

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