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The nails also are sometimes affected, those of the feet, as well as those

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are brought into contact, e.g., agglutinins a and receptors A as would

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slowly and thus have more time to rest and to fill, and the con-

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with profuse perspiration is often followed by constipation. A change

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heiid were fwelled, the glands were fwelled, and he

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diffluent, and weighs from 15 to 19 oz. The kidneys are also congested.

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Sec 7i\(o La Chyfnie Medicinale de M. Malouin^ Tom. 11. p. 169.

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world, feme of vvhofe members are nobles of the firfl: diftinftion,

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particularly at intervals, by her emitting no fmall

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such lesions. Ulceration is followed by cicatricial contraction. The

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emphysema show that investigators are by no means in accord regarding

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established. Should the haemorrhage be repeated ever so often after

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those of enteric fever, for which the malady is usually for a time mis-

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home is at ^leaford, Ontario. He enlisted with the r..\.^I.C., and

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103°) temperature; profuse nocturnal sweating; a rapid, feeble pulse;

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Dr. A. C. Singleton of the Department of Radiology. He adapted the

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material, or it may be entirely suppressed. The spleen and liver, during

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experimental knowledge of such. Boss observed in mosquitoes fed on

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Urine. — The quantity is increased — in severe cases greatly (150-250 oz.

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after give him a.bout thirty leaves of colewort boiled

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hogs fhould be carefully kept from cultivated lands,

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recurrent toxemias of pregnancy. This type has urinary changes, high

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tion and with injection of the bronchi, was present in 87 per cent. The

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so-called cold abscesses, soften or ulcerate, discharging a grumous, purulent

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accompanied by a similar growth in the alveoli and in the lumina of the

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that in animals sufficient doses undoubtedly strengthen the con-

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delicacy in its performance and that needles and suture material

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their expectoration. Both theory and experiment combine to show that

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develop, and that the dense masses of fibrous tissue present in the lungs

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