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tion of the remedy, however, has induced him to be less cautious,

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gastro-intestiual disturbance. He has slight flatulence, and occasionally

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Treatment. — The same principles guide the treatment of acute spinal

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to complain of pelvic pain, attended with some discharge from the

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A conversation took place in reference to the cases of typhus

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males. Tuberculous tumors are most frequent in children ; they usually

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B, embracing the mean temperature of each month, and also the

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held by a number of workers concerning the relationship of the

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seven are referred to small-pox ; by which, it will be perceived that

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impediment to the pulmonary circulation is great, and where a large

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obstinate and dangerous vomiting during pregnancy, adopted some

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constantly while cooling. As soon as the mass begins

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Teloped, and the bronchial tubes appeared to be rapidly filling up.

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Bell's paralysis is a paralysis of the muscles of the face due to any lesion

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temporarily. (5) The alteration is not always permanent. The

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general health is usually good, and the sphincters are never involved.

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of the upper parasite extends beyond the periphery of the corpuscle.

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made palatable if given in cold carbonic water, or the lithia waters may

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chloroform, and another in which ether was used with advantage.

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entific novelties, and frankly avowing and defending their value.

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avail, tiie patient died in convulsions, on the fourth day. In other

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elevated bands which give to the membrane a somewhat mam-

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anger will, in many, produce syncope dr.c to cerebral anajmia.

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doses, however, either into a normal animal or into an animal already

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generative changes. (Edema of the subcutaneous cellular tissue, and an

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For a visitat night, after ordinary bed-time, ^ 5 to 10

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upon this qifestion, though several gentlemen express their opinion

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Dr. Moehringf reports between two and three hundred cases ; about

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At the beginning of the experiment the hypertrophy characteristic of

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Some of the Animals Portions of the Lumbar Sympathetic Chain

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their technique and stated that they experienced many failures, for which the early

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change, easily visible in almost every island, is the typical hydropic

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tissues? (2) Is there a direct interrelation between the pancreas and

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The experiments of the first group have established three facts:

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The hair on one side of the head or one eyebrow may turn white, or pig-

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{From the Department of Animal Pathology of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical

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10 mg., a twelfth of 10 mg., and a thirteenth of 11 mg. were given successively