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aging to warrant a more extensive trial in ichthyosis, which has
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brown watery fluid devoid of odour. In the course of the
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influence exerted by bad food or damp dwellings over this disease. Ar-
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placed in temporary command of the Marine Hospital in this city.
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practitioner in London, Some years later he sailed to the Mauritius,
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routes of infection were much dwelt u{)on and opinions varied
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ment which has been made in the cause of medical education
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of the position and of passive motions of the extremities and the stereognostic
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Cross in connexion with the case of a Medical officer to whom
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fore he is seen by the surgeon, and that shock, nature's most potent
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present in severe cases at the time when the ulcers begin to heal,
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teeth share in the general malnutrition. There is wast-
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That the proceedings shall consist of discussions on sub-
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that he has used large doses ot olive oil in this affection with re-
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They are really national organizations just as the American Medical
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almost pulseless; dying evidently from internal hemorrhage; noio, had occa-
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more of these conditions which I have mentioned are found,
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The value of investigation of the stomach and intestines espe-
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sas” , sponsored by S teven London, M.D . and Glenn W eitzman,
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Another case is that of a Mr. Douglass, of Cayuga county. He came
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or any other part of the body. An examination of this tumor
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whole management is like the running of an intricate machine :
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Owing to my departure I was unable to follow this system
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and that of the vein. The right hand, considerably depressed,
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/'.Thanks for all that you have done for me. You may never know how important to me it
operation was too long delayed. When such fistulous
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nominated for election to the Conrt of Examiners, and
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track to its terminus, and there seems to be little if any doubt as to
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of Surgery," which will be a valuable aid to all who have this fine work.
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