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application of remedies to the conjunctiva can be more
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dentists in protecting cari uis teeth from the action of the aii',
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committee had agreed on the substance of the proposed resolu-
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L.S.A. Lond. ; John R. FothergiU, L.R C.S. Edin. ; George Aug. Jetteiy,
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Dr. William Bailey: I only want to emphasize that it is remarkable
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comprehensive, and admirably adapted to the subject they treat
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under examination, was found likewise normal, with the excep-
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In no instance have we met with an absence of symp-
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(viii.) Acute cerebral venous congestion, (ix.) Compression of the cerebral
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degeneration commonly occm's in wasted muscles in chronic pulmonary
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Twelve-pound Fibroma of a Labium Maj'us. — At a meeting
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lower lobe of the left lung was firm ami more crepitant, and on squeezing it after
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1877; labor easy. Seventy hours following she had a severe
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i::i!555!::^^23oacoao©icoiooQDi-iooo<Mt*oiai>cocr(N g5^t*co(N»-(Q^-0iio
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the LTpjohn booth, where members of The Upjohn Com-
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males, enjoy almost a complete immunity from it; indeed, I consider
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New York County ; Surgical Diagnosis and the Time to Operate in
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[Cholbcystis 4- Gr. <n-4/ia mouth.] 1. The surgi-
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^Quoted from Committee Report on Light as a Diagnostic and
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Cream, as it is of great importance in the cure of freckles, pim-
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Some of the speakers thought that, by the use of hot
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Cumston, Charles Qreene, B.M.S., M.D., Instructor in Clinical GynsBcology,
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infants or by those ladies who in music halls softly subside into the
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Tertian fever is characterized by attacks which return every two days,
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causing acute pain at the point of the morbid growth. "Kl. Mouatsbl." 1863, S. 3.
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rabbits, by dividing the cervical sympathetic, found after
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and work is being rapidly pushed on these buildings. It
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1. Erythema congestinnn. A local whealing of the skin, appearing
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be done except to alleviate the symptoms of the patient.
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diate excision or amputation was decided upon. Excision
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wandering cells, embryonic cells, small, round, indiflerent cells. Their origin
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minutes by a hypodermic of ten minims of tincture of veratrum
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trast which the constitution of the blood presents in epidemic meningitis
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the operator to raise or lower the field of operation at
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thin, anaemic, highly neurotic, with a tendency toward de-
that liquid, which projierty may be taken advantage of in prescribing it
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as well as the style and wording of the document, led most,
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affection to previous rheumatism a proportion which he regards as
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secondary syphilitic eruption, the digagnosis beipg confirmed
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by careful deductions from a large accumulation of well-ascertained