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October 20th, by Major F. F. Russell, of the Medical Corps

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air introduced without evil effects, indeed the animal

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tion. Dr. Barton Cooke Hirst, of Philadelphia, will read

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probably caused by the collection in the stomach of

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indicated, but for persons of a fair amount of vigor,

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.should be classed with the connective tissue group

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treated in its inception by early operation, had re-

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est stress upon the degeneration of the heart muscle,

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market that under the spell of agent oratory one is

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can be found with a perfectly natural desire for advancement, nor

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in order to make quite sure that respiration is un-

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0.4 per cent. ; neutrophilic myelocytes, 7.2 per cent. ; moder-

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the contagiousness of puerperal fever and the means

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his jaws were held extremely forward, enough so as to

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tending physician did not bring the patient for op-

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done in the utilization of out patients as well as in

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drug in advanced cerebral or spinal disease, saying

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September, 1910, ulcerated lesions of septum and tip of

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fact that it led to an earnest consideration of the

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On November 24, 190S, the patient entered Harper Hos-

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