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usually much larger than the ordinary one. As to the

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Clinical Response to Chlormethazanone in Patients with Disorders of Varied Etiology

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crisis often accompanied witli diarrhcea and sometimes with

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experienced histologist can often determine the source of the carcinoma

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Alimentation with fats and proteids was pushed to the extreme limits of

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tryptic activity similar to that of pancreatic trypsin

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small intestines would be accompanied with indicanuria.

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to exhale the peculiar odour of iodine and occasionally there was a papulous

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same time. The cavity in the lungs we believe was a tuberculous

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blood. The movements of the thorax were less than on

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nicer on the neck of the womb as perfectly as daylight.

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mous differences in the scheduling of patients and the

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Even under the most favourable conditions one cannot hope by this

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cod liver oil malt extract and small doses of wine may be given

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The gray matter of the eerebral cortex is arranged in six

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peated and conscientiously given is recognized by all. Care

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Effect of Small Doses of Heparin in Increasing the Trans

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and apparently stationary bed and in other seasons to be

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muscular wasting in the paralyzed limbs and the electrical reactions

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tive insusceptibility of the last named animal to strychnia bi

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is hfematuria. Under the microscope will be found in the former case

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effusion into the cavity of the hipjoint will produce the peculiar hip

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to be pursued on such an occasion is to give advice adapted to

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General Regulations to he observed upon the Appearance

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bitues. In the first place it is much less expensive and easier

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abdominal organs the urine is absolutely suppressed. In most febrile

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lower limbs. These papules become vesicles and then pustules

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a marked degree even when isolated. By appropriate staining methods

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Prognosis. Two of the Hippocratic aphorisms express tersely the general

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