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leptic fits in persons between 50 and 60 years of age, without
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and "Exercise and Fresh Air." At the conelusion of the
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ask. What are the prospects of a man obliged to pass his urine
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whereas the real number was 3,(i38. Again, I think you will find the
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declines. But, as Hirsch' states, there is a tolerably constant
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cussed. At the conclusion of his paper, Mr. Phillpotts
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life-history of an epithelial cell was sufficient to negative this
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Virchow eighteen years ago, and recently repeated, was cor-
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scrotum. Mr. Gould passed a straight staflT into the urethra
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and news arriving of cholera in one and another place, to
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destroyed. Now they could not have had any such bond fide belief if they
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that "no institutions have heen subjected to severer criti-
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tudes win easily in all categories, with its 83 per cent, itn^
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said she was pregnant, and thought she had been so about
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entered the deceased's room, and found him lialf sitting in the chair
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and one line of membrane running along a fissure radiating
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Theke are already many nasal snares. The advantages
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contains 11.6 per cent, of phosphorus. It dissolves readily
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tion as apply for guidance. 1 should be glad to have an expression
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intending to be present should communicate with the Honorary Secre-
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passing ailment, does not improve matters. One reason
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been good enough to supply us with some he has had the opportunity of
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this case the hydatid tumours were multiple, and were all
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generous expressions of those who had proposed his health.
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We have received from Messrs. Meaby and Co., of Reading,
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letters having come to be substituted for the old forms of
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and given him our names, thereupon, when the time arrived, proceeded
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little or no food. In reply, Mr. Acland said that the subject
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force was destroyed. Wlien Du Bois-Reymond had demon-
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mended by the German Pharmacopoeia Commission in 188T,
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variously affected. The average daily temperature before
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annexe is now in course of erection on the female side of the hospital,
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effected its entrance, and in sui li a case the help of an instru-
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name as a synonym of the olHcial liquor sod;e effervescens.
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allowed to beirome loaded during the first week after tbe ope atioo ■ this
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of the forty two sanitary districts conlributing one or more patients,