Atrovent Consummer Concerns

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In cutaneous diseases, many practitioners use the cold bath
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advantageously, in the treatment of belladonna poisoning. But the ap-
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L Castor deteriorates by time, but very slowly if kept in a cool, d
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poisonous effects of the lead could in this way be prevented. Colica
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daj, to be given m solution. Three or four grains of it may be given tm
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I do not think that a practitioner would be justitiable in administering
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all their other resources, and baffled in their skill —
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quires rest to alternate with labour. Why should the sto-
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the poetry of the commonplace, of the ordinary routine.
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it does not keep out humidity so well. It is the most proper
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writers of the relation of the art to the spirit, of the
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*The following formuU may be used. B- Plumbi acetat., gr. tj ; Hydrarg
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necessary to the anodyne effect, and are, therefore, better avoided. I
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the patient Is often himsi^lf too insensible at the time to gire notice
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cramps in the limits, are little inlluenccd by the nervous stimulants, given