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extended his investigations to the various viscera in pernicious fe-

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of the spinal cord. The nerve fibres, arising in the large cells of the motor convolutions

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After-treatment. — The internal cannula should be taken out ever}^

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of headache. Pinch the nose close together with the thumb and

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to latent tuberculosis, abdominal disease, or tabes me-

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^ing to atrophy of the parenchyma, it may acquire a bulk nearly as great,

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The secreting portion of the coil has as a lining a layer of cuboidal


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and introduced into the bladder by withdrawing the sound. Great care

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There are forms of pleurisy which are primarily the result of mi-

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New York City, Miss Lina L. Rogers. The Mayor consented

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mining cause. The distinction implied by the term is, the cause is inter-

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paralysis, they have not been adequately differentiated

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The seven annual Registration Reports of Massachusetts give tables of the

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sure that in these it should be left alone, unless perhaps when lying

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is of a pale reddish-white colour. If a thin slice is wetted with a weak solu-

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or of the twenty- three who had tenderness of the dorsal only,

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ness and asepsis should be maintained by means of fre-

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tions of scarlatina are due to the spread of the streptococcus

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experience has been similar to his in regard to these cases.

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tation of the Fallopian tube on the left side. On November 21,

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sands of cases treated in hospitals with antitoxin with exceptionally

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abdominal tumor was on the right side when I saw the

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upward on those of the sacrum, thus tending to greatly de-

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sary for the formation of sufficient antibodies to break up the microbic

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different dairy farms, situated in the surrounding counties of Vir

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[These remarkable experiments remove all doubt about the

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patience and a prudent technic. Of this I will give two examples

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