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The finding of Bacilhis icteroides was confirmed by Archinard and

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methods were enough to bring ruin upon many companies,

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the prognosis. Sudden death without any warning symptoms may occur

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generally began to realize the advantage of sending patients to the hospital.

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accentuated. (5) A soft systolic murmur cannot infrequently be detected

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Scarlatina can, then, be said to be imported within those zones and, having

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It has been stated by numerous obser\-ers that peptone appears in the

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possible that a person after recovering from a very mild attack would again

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destroys leukoc}i;es and to which the name leukocidin is applied. An

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myocardium, from the rigidity imposed upon the large vessels at the base by

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necessary. The home officer may make a mistake, his judg-

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1903 the death-rate ■was 26.61 per cent, and in 1904 it was 30 and a large

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a marked improvement m the mental state with any drop in temperature.

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headaches, night terrors, and insomnia — facts which should not be lost

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perhaps most marked during the period of subnormal temperature so often

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the filtrate of a seven-days' bouillon culture is injected intravenously it causes

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from the blood in about 70 per cent, of the cases. Only one cubic centimeter of

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associated so commonly with secondary infections, especially streptococcal,

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during the height of the disease, a characteristic early eruption in the mouth

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might with advantage have been substituted for the treatment followed up to

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that overcrowding and bad ventilation are potent factors. In the jail at

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In those who died over eighty, one or both parents were

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disease, it may be used in these ways or be injected within

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may reasonably, therefore, be overlooked by the examiner.

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red hepatization. A larger amount of distinctly turbid fluid may be scraped

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to measles patients care should be taken to avoid overexposure. If the

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tracheal glands is more like whooping-cough than the cough heard in any

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the most notable productions was the report on 55,263 cases in the German

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clinic, England) a man with a truly Hunterian mind.

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exanthem as the result of a direct action of the toxin seems fortified. The

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well-marked rigor is promptly followed by a rapid rise in the temperature,

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bility of infection. The addition of carbolic acid to the substances used for

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