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mercy Hospital, better known as Emergency Hospital, Iron,
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hospital the rheumatic pains increased in extent and severity ; advancing up
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one hundred and eighth annual meeting of this Association
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their edges with a cover-glass and then learned that the same
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stood; concentration, high or low specific gravity,
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instrument does not, like ordinary gorgets, require to be thrust in with force,
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all cases of illness among the Chinese, no matter what
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of the actsea cimdcifuga. which was found among the drugs in the shop;
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cisco, Cal., en route to Manila, P. I., for. assignment In the Division
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duced through a slight abrasion, or through the blood,
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be far better to abstain from the use of the gas altogether than to incur the
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explains, also, the marked efficacy of calomel, in deafness following cere-
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its decisions on this question cannot be reviewed by mandamus.
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own observations, that well-to-do individuals in warm coun-
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became covered with numerous small vesicles, about the size of a pin's
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of age, and from twenty to thirty. 3. That the period of life during which
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nessee graduates, but this is not all ; a number of new
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important inquiry is that of Chapter 3, as to the action
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perusal of the paragraph quoted ; and I am induced at the same time to
commencement April 3, and conferred diplomas on seventy
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bone." That it was most wrong to inflict such a wound on such an occa-
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rooms, securing proper sanitary appliances for each family,
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Bulletin de la Soc. de Pharmacie de Bordeaux, February.
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noble order — power approaching nearest to Divine — it is truly God-like in
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action. This result is an important one for practition-
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circumstances. This electrical light is exhibited by metallic /jom^^, in any
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Db. John W. Mcbpht presented a young negro girl, with
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British colonies ; and provides that where the examinations and
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tion, 6 rears; male, 11. Sensibility unimpaired, spasmodic para-
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sors Pozzi and Kirmisson. Bouilly and Segmond were com-
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19 ♦Tropacocaln Hydrochlorate — A Substitute for Cocaln Hydro-
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very certain that a sound was heard; and the opened veins were at most
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hemorrhage following wounding of the vertebral artery
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lymphatic tumours — on the numerous instances in which arteries have been
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logic importance and consider it the exciting cause of the con-
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the child.' And while I would distinctly acknowledge it to be the duty of
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pains of the extremities, resembling more or less those
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the patient very narrowly ; nothing escaped that she did not know. In a
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per cent, solution, alters the shape of the red corpuscles,
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gives an extended series of cases obtained from the literature,
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tablishment occupied, amounting in number to more than two hundred and
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vomiting, anorexia and somnolence. They also caused inflam-
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in the absence of primary buboes, the unskilled obsBiTver will
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1 few weeks the entire body was discolored by minute