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Extradural or intradural growths of meningeal origin commonly

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tion being attached to them, and are known as growing pains.

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cure their patients ; they make use of the best means they know

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โ€” (1) Engorgement or congestion ; (2) red hepatisation ; (3) grey hepat-

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best to distend it with fixing fluid for a day or two before cut-

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cause, appear to be dependent upon the pregnancy itself, pre-

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Faucial diphtheria โ€” In cases where diphtheria of the fauces is un-

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firm, dark red mass about 3x3x5 cm. The one on the left

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may be substituted for the sterile buffer solution in

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tor. When a boric acid tube from the train after 5 min-

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readily reinfect himself by accidentally ingesting eggs evacuated

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symptom-complex, to-day and always, will alone constitute that

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teen inches by eight and six, and the other an inch or more

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for the stagnant blood to flow out of the vein before

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Gastric type. โ€” On "Wednesday, January 8, 1890, Mr. W. B. S. enjoyed

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Aerobacter aerogenes. If typing antisera are available, K. pneu-

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observation, the methods of the laboratory being carried to the bedside wherever

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-for example, malaria and yellow fever by certain mosquitoes,

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Insanity does not change a person's character so much as is

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not profess to cure diseases by, nor intend to practise, spiritual-

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described are so varied that it is difficult to give a simple classi-

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Notwithstanding these observations, there still existed much confusion

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into convalescence. As a rule, however, its size is decreased during the

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water, the leading and stronger animals were observed to throw

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The statistics compiled at Prague showed but two per cent of the

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dull percussion sound. As the consolidation advances, dulness becomes

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Urine excreted from A. M. Nov. 1 to A. M. Nov. 2 ( 686 c.c.) f ยง 23.17

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lesion, for section of all the nerves around the pancreas does not produce

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not to allow their students to practise inoculation, under penalty of three