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intolerance, if these doctrines have deprived our school of

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ate the fact, that when the womb menstruates for the first time, though

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Medicine and Hygiene, J. S. Braunsworth, Muscatine ;

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temperature rises alx)ve 102° V. is ought to be relieved by first applying

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brought into the Breslau Clinique in labour. She was a large,

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Causes. — The remote or underlying causes of static flat-foot

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' Rous, P., J. Exp. Med., 1910, xu, 696; J. Am. Med. Assn., 1911, Ivi, 198.

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tebrae or the ribs in the region of the third to sixth,

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ternal organs. The advances made in our knowledge of the pathology

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ing the ligature in its track. He believed in the intra-peritoneal

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consecutive to lesions of the crura or pons, the authors have

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Electric Examination. — There was some difficulty in deter-

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ogy and Histology, Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. Octavo,

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Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Calcium

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1 861. The value of its anaesthetic properties was not rec-

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be slight or it may be so great in the bladder as to completely

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of the patient and with the approbation of the visiting physi-

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the singing of the ears attending the free use of the

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tions. Dec. 8. — Complains of great pain in arm, which is very much swollen, and

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uterus, and to its influence must, I think, be attributed the fortunate

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ployee of the State Medical Society and its divisions, and

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of bullae precedes the exfoliation which may be called dermatitis bul-

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Definition. — A chronic venous engorgement of the renal vessels, gener-

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require no treatment. Between these two extremes, however, there must

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less frequent. [Nouveau. MontpcUier Medical, Vol. VII, page

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was dropping through on to the floor beneath. But to turn to

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vulsive throes are more violent, and vomiting is produced with

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in full vigor, but acquires sometimes an increase of intensity

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to revive the higher forms of mental feeling should be avoided. The

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idea is new to them, and I think that it will be some time before they real-

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rest of the work to decide the question in the negative.

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which the conception leads to action, this is ascribed to the

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Paoli,'* and Driessen" maintained that these tumors

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cous infiltration. Cases without this contingency occur and may end

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simply play a passive r6le in entering the lymph-vessels. But Virchow

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