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ipecac alkaloids and some synthetic derivatives of cephaeline.

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M. D., Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Philadelphia, 1893. Medicine.

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tion, thirty days. First count, 2,630,200 red corpuscles to the

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road"), the only road, bye the bye, on which disinfection of cars

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1906 ; Adjunct Professor of Anatomy, Universit- of Virginia, 1908-1909 ;

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Listerine is particularly* useful in the treatment of abnormal

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sion, regard the different electric currents as one remedy about

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Superintendent Ilighland Spring Sanatorium, Nashua, N. II.

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general education implied by a degree in arts or in science from

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So it went on for three days, a large number of papers being presented

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element of hysterics that is so inseparable from new discoveries at

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Winona College, 1910-13. Art as Applied to Medicine.

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fession. It is a delight to attend its meetings, but "Dan'els" has

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to be a "typical case of yellow fever'^), widely separated, in

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records the pulse of a patient under the influence of anesthetic.

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Royal Academy of Medicine, 1907; Director of the "Archives de Biologie;"

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cluded, have already formally adopted the constitution and by-laws

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once pose as "martyrs" when any organized body of physicians

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services in the investigation and the suppression of yellow fever.

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The recovery from depression in the Purkinje cell and the

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I thank you for attending this meeting. By your presence here

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