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He considers that, " from our knowledge of other intestinal
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tapping with a tine needle may have to be done to draw ofl*
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Not infrequently the over-secretion of hydrochloric acid
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to Dr. Longstaff's classical report on diphtheria, states : —
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to the conditions to which the subject is exposed; a man may
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Pharm., 114, 213) announced its physical properties and
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cancer. At one time they used to spend time in punc-
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butter, milk, oleo-margarine, and some forms of cheese. They are
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and^Malformations of the Urinary Bladder, the Prostate Gland, and the Urethra. Third
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which constitutes the second ; and the third is the plane of the
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Symptoms. — ^The symptoms vary according to the location and number
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operated on a patient in the last stage of phthisis in
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maxillary space, on the throat, inferior surface of the chest,
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Meeting of the American Psychological Association. 285
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1902, the total number of deaths from malarial fever is stated to have
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The removal of a kidney, always an undesirable procedure
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er than in any other line of work that a strong, can, if they desire, go' on wasting
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Adye, Williiini, M.D.. to be Medical Officer to District No. 2 of the
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comes adherent to an adjacent part, leaving a loop through which intestine
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appears in the middle of the tumor and the distention increases on
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disproportion between the intensity of delirium and the height of the
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chair, presented by himself, was placed his portrait sitting in that
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men, but it couUl not be an entirely satisfactory arrangement
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Phillips was the Ad Hoc chair of the State Mini-Internship Committee
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niss der Innervation der inneren und iiusseren vom Ocu-
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by the bacilli on the nerves, pains, hypera-sthesia, and
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urine may be normal, or may, towards the end, be alkaline ; the
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