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higher. It is to be understood that these figures are only approxi-

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"The Petition of the President and Fellows of the Royal .College of

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Patients with a persistent rapid action of the heart, without fever

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that there had been one case whicli ended fatally on May 27th. There was

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fact that medical men are not paid for the certificates they

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the direction of the Linacre Professor of Comparative Anatomy, which

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In some cases the papules are larger and have a distinctly shotty feel,

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of cod-liver oil than any patient in my experience, for he said that he

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tion of it being reflected inward to the aggravation of the inflammation.

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factors with any of them. The main question, therefore, is. What con-

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sequence occurs also when this tract is directly invaded by the specific

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cacious. Arsenic when administered against malaria acts on a wholly

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Treatment. — We have already stated that parasyphilitic aflFections,

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stronger solution always contracts them. A weaker solution,

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population of nearly 520,000, there have been no small-pox deaths

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prefer not to come forward upon this occasion. The Com-

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C. Maurice, Colonel Bunbury, Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel

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at the apex, in areas which have been consolidated by tuberculosis.

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M. R. J. Behrendt, Burringham ; Dr. C. Black, Glasgow ; Dr. F. Bond,

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in British regiments fell with the abolition of medical regimentalism ;

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traction coupled with relaxation. On the other hand, the

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Whitelock, R. H. A , M.B. and CM. Box, C. R., M.B Lond, L R.C.P.Lond.

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healthy persons it causes no formation of pus. Moreover, the clinical

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exposed to dangers arising out of wood pavements. In short,

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scribing and practical pharmacy — of compounding medicines

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President OF THE Local Government Board said during tlie outbreak