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Thus we address ourselves to the treatment of epilepsy.

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ment of Health investigated 230 cases of persons bitten

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the doctor cannot be in several places at the same time. He must

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to say that not only are all the middle ear diseases of children traced

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Dr. Husk were the authors of this contribution, which

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" Not very well. Utterly despondent about my book." (42.)

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solid and nodular, of a grayish color, rather soft, and

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In the third case there is again a state of mental exaltation

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They should be kept at rest as much as possible to assist in

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The utility of re-vaccination, the contagious properties of the disease,

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boy buries his head under the l>edclothes because he is cither cold, or,

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the pulsation was most violent, shooting to his back, and up

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