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the last century, namely, IS'eedham and Spallanzani.
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mouth twitched in a convulsive manner, and she would have fallen had I
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having five or six notches. Upon the anterior end of the head is a slightly
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of sanitary knowledge among the people, it is hoped the battle waged
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In the second stage, hoarseness, aphonia, harsh cough, and character-
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Overton. ā€” Of 104 quartermaster employees; one individual 19 years old was
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in the lungs is diminished, the usual number of inspirations no longer
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Tbkatment. ā€” In the neuralgic form, the carnal indication* may
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slightly astringent liquids, which are not exactly medicines, are usually
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in the development of certain aquatic fungi. These were also
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two or four ounces of the rind. This maceration acts much more
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wind, which circulates and recirculates within the bowl-like valley.
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progressing destruction. But, very remarkably and inexplicably, ex-
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chronic bronchitis, when it first involves the parts immediately around
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closed. Case II., I had hoped, would have proved another
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is said, that piles are less frequent in women than in men, and in tem-
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with consequent inflammation of its walls ā€” has been seen occasionally
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(a) Mechanicarcovering. This is of comparatively slight importance.
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two series, X and Y, with five bullocks in each series. The potency of
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chloroform, or a mixture of ether and chloroform, meet our
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of dyspepsia, depends on bad nutrition of the muscles of the stomach ;
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The spleen enlarged by hyperemia does not by any means always
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this conclusion shall be the conviction of all, the necessary
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My chief motive in writing this paper is to direct the attention of my
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be continued for at least two weeks at increasing intervals, as two of my
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of insufficience of the aortic valves the physical signs of excentric hy-
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tends as far down as the bronchi of the second magnitude. If, therefore,
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other limb, if the secretion of urine be suddenly repressed, or should
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cortex the epithelium of the tubes is swollen and granular,
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the probability of the lives of children intrusted to a public
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" bilious pneumonia," are more frequent at certain times, and occur
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the body, but I agree with Bamberger, that such displacement is
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IĀ£, as has been supposed, ascaris arid oxyuris are most frequently found
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whose frequency and diagnostic importance were formerly much over-
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be walking the street or pursuing his avocation, and fall in a
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nuclei. After the disease has lasted some time, the liver-cells contain
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which followed a surgical operation for relief of stricture of the oesophagus.
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may equal that of a hen's egg. They will often contain a bean, a
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