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Modes of Infection. — The spirilla leave the body with the stools, but
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than animal flesh, but it depends on what kind of fish. Salmon
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erings, and the procedure was repeated as indicated. After this treat-
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tions less frequently observed are forms of erythema (especially E.
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walls, may account in great measure for the concentration of the blood.
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many cases of diabetes mellitus, but no conclusions have yet
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to me to be due to failure in nervous supply as much as to muscular
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after injections, mostly urticarial, though sometimes scarlatiniform. The
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that I, willing or unwilling, should also become a physician.
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Conii)any, IfllS!. Published bi-monthly. Price per vear:
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years. Finally, Dr. Smith sent her abroad ; she travelled for six months ; she
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Case III. — Desperate Case of Typhoid — Hypostatic Pneumonia — Ablutions —
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able method is to have in the patient's house a linen duster or surgeon's
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toxin and streptococcus antitoxin, but such is recommended.
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temperature in severe cases soon reaches a point between 103° and
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comment and frequent opposition at that time, the method is now taught
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which all the symptoms and complicating lesions are grouped. In the
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baths. Brand has continued them in six cases with good effect, and I
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fore the fire, and in two hours it should be raised. Make the
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method. I am glad to say that this teacher has recently published a
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need only say that the flavor of the raspberry is among the
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storm similar to the aura in epilepsy, and the child may even have time
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the ablution should be rapid and active friction must be avoided.
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which begins with the manifestations of a more or less frank pneumonia.
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are the comma bacilli (spirilla) of Koch. In cholera sicca these serous
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fever, by the general depression, headache, and vertigo, and by the
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erysipelas is reputed to be curative of certain affections (eczema, lupus,
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In his second series of experiments* Strasser found a complete con-
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in the ueck would become distended and pulsate. What did the>e
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have removed all doubt as to the specific nature of the Klebs-Loffler
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the fact that the negro race is highly receptive to tuberculosis is also
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warm-water application may be explained in a similar manner. When
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above 102° F. (38.8° C), If not controlled in this manner, we may
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art. I say art, for I can scarcely call it a science. Diagnosis
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their property returned, for if they went back to Japan sword-
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istic picture which enables one to rccogni/.e at once an influenza
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