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specimen of which I enclose, to be delivered to the local
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gical cases coming to the surgery between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.
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Arning himself does not consider his experiment a crucial
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versity College; A. J. Edge. St. Bartholomews Hospital; C. A.
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cylinders are well stained. The appearance of the whiter
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RouviER (Jules). Le Lait, Alterations, Falsifications, etc. 1893.
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Feedbbick writes ; I recently gave a certificate of death to solicitors to
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1 Read in the Section of Sui-gery at theAnnual iSleeting of the British
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this year. 'This rate was, with two exceptions, lower than in the corre-
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will be held at the Grevhound Hotel. Croydon, on Thursday, May llth. at
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varieties might shade away into one another. The sudden
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although very quick and weak, was quite perceptible. She
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Portsmouth. Cardiff. Gale>head. Plymouth, Leeds, Newcastle upon Tyne,
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tact with him, and an ardent worker. He made himself
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practical demonstration to be made at the hospital of the
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declined by tlie parents, who transferred the case to another
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elapsed for the brain to harden, so that sections have not
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but all discharged into soil pipes, which also take the rain
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bouses now on one side within some 200 yards of the walls of
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L. VV. Andrews, M.D.Lond , M.R.C.S.; E. H. Armitage, M.R.C.S.,
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Dispensary, with tie City of London Hospital for Diseases
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Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel A. Crombie, M.D , Bengal Establishment,
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to the Dejiancc, April :M.b: Chaules J. Fife, Surgeon, t.) tlie irandrrer.
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sull'eriDg from infectious diseases, in whatever district they might be
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JODRNAI, of March 25th last, having found that one of the cases to which
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