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of suppurating joints we make to heal by granulation.

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she contemplated with dread a life of forced indolence, if not

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known : D. phylloides Cook in pigs and D. bovis Stiles in cattle. D. follicu-

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Take five or six clean corncobs, burn them on a clean fire, to a coal ;

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other rabbits inoculated with hydrophobic saliva also became hydrophobic. The

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the memory our individual experiences of its ravages (the

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of violence of this fever, there is perhaps no disease in which

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to promote mental occupation and invigoration of body and mind. There is no

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the base of the infarction reaches the surface of the lung, the pleura over the

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place ; and this statement may still hold good, even should we have to

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being the chie^ ^^^tor. 3. A current of 300 milliamperes

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toneal cavity, therefore, had not been invaded except by

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which a tube filled with mercury passes the cardia.

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the eye. I Med. Aarsskr., K.jobenh., 1890, iii, 299 -330.—

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died, 3. From the Treasurer's report it appears that the expenditures

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doned, or cruelly treated; or are found guilty of any

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peppercorns, till quite tender. Have ready a little good gravy,

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If there be restlessness or much agitation of the nerves,

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to Neuber, of Kiel, Germany, and which, I believe, has

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sociation of salts from bile pigment in the blood. The bile pigment

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position of organic matter. Certainly these conditions were

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ance before the fall, and often prevent it. Nurses say they can recognise

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fever and pain, eat and >lee}) well, and make good recoveries.

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more apt to be affected by the disease than one with a normal nervous system;

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glasses of St. Christan water. Under its use she soon regained