Amaryllis Flowers Wilting

Foods. Guy's Ho.sp. Gaz., Loud., 1895, n. s., ix, 34-40. —

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the knife ; then the expanded part of the rectum may

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Laryngectomy subsequent to Tracheotomy for Epithelioma

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civilized nations have very clearly described them. Now only

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The constitutiDn of this secretion, the most complex of the

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bladder and rectum. These lesions may consist of tumors, such as are fcNind

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the latter as hearty food.' This is only a declaration

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cofTee-berry factories have been discovered in Europe

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days, when the general eruption follows, now called the secondary

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like that ia the second stage of acute pneiunonitis, nre smooth ancl shining.

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cases of his own, performed in 1892, in which the re-

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Abt. III. — Recent Official Correspondence relating to Leprosy. Communi-

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body. It swept upwards to the position due to the aorta

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In November, 1898, Bastianelli, Bignami,- and Grassi conducted a series

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the action of the malarial poison, the tendency of inflammations excited in systems

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sions of epilepsy, namely, that class of epileptics where the

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ordinary hard finish, are to be scraped and whitewashed. All woodwork

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In this issue of the journal we publish several of the papers,

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he was dying. The history given of this sudden change was this — that he got

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or anywhere else in the body, and may or may not break down, (septic)

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hours after a light meal, and four hours or more after

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the system sympathizes so profoundly, but because here

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times appears to be developed as a consequence of overcrowding and deficient

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stomach. Out of a total of eighty-two operations on the stomach,

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valvular lesions, and such chronic wasting diseases as cancer and tu-

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rise of temperature may be observed ; the patient feels ill, and complains

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the exception that, instead of heating the room, the object-

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vesical catarrh, and vesical ulceration, and which creates induration

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This is easily transferred to a paper, and a diagram

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estudio de la fiebre amarilla en los criollos. Cron. m6d.-

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us. With these remarks I shall noAv call attention to a few points

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when it gets cool add the other ingredients ; then add simple