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Fees. — £6 5s. for each of the three profelisional examinatiotts, and
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sclerosis (vide page 368) as to progressive spinal muscular atrophy. Amyo-
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always regular and purposeful. Even coarse external interferences (e. g.,
neurilemma, or small neuromata developing after the injury, which excite the
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ized higher up, just as they do in cerebral hemiplegia (q. v.), as we shall learn
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throughout the'eat^rfeg'g;"^'^ ' '''' ^'^^ alternating ripplas of light and dark shadow
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child complains of headache, and sometimes of pain in the loins and in the
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tion before duly authorised medical, surgical, or scientific corporations^
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Howard Martin Sheaff, Ph.D., M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine.
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The tongue also becomes gradually paralyzed, speech becomes indistinct, and,
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Side Clinic, have abundant clinical material to supplement that available on the
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is twined ("8" qullitjf.'"^ ""^^ "^^^^"^ ■ definite and distinct as the egg
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hand can be moved well enough and where the sensibility of the skin and
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tubercles, syphilomata, and sarcomata. Solitary tubercles develop occasionally
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its practice. The dispensary is under the charge of the House
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apt to take place in the follicles. There may also be ecchymoses upon the
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deposit fee (dissection), £2 5s. A charge of £1 Is. is made for the
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we make the patient stand with the feet together, it usually causes a
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out its whole extent, or at least throughout the greatest part of it. The result
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sis. More rarely the opposite condition obtains, that the arms are affected
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rarely is the tumor so great as to hinder the birth of the child. Children
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muscular atrophy which in other respects is characteristic, but the muscles
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made out. The children are almost always perfectly healthy 1 previously,