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sions can often be produced by drawing the nail over it. The wheals
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Martin. So far all well; but I enclose for the benefit
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the day it was concluded that there was no hope of his re-
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in connection with a lesion anatomically restricted to the Rolandic area
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Leipzig, whciv . in.i, ii vv v pi. niit, n the time of the fair, bui there \:is
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properly considered medicine for lubrication. Sweet oil is not
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examination a globuhir swelling;, tense and elastic, was made out
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When the attack is directly traced to a fit of passion, select from :
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given an impt^tus to teachers throughout the county.
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Upon the cessation of work the pulse rate falls in a manner precisely similar
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Some were discrete, but the greater number were confluent.
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applied to the left thorax, inferiorly, and to-day she is much better. All crepitation
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both qualified and willing to undertake to have been made from another quar-
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digestive organs, whatever tends to correct these will facilitate
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Benares, and Lucknow districts, while the latter and better
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spoons which vary so much in size. Medicines ordered to be taken
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losis — Dr. Robinson remarking that " the outlook for the pa-
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of surgical procedure that are adhered to at the present day.
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labyrinth. Thus we have in typhoid fever, infiltration of the
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reflected upon motor nerves, but it frequently pursues a retrogade course along the spinal
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tobacco or alcohol, or may be produced by various drugs which affect
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injectioii made very slowly, more than a minute being taken
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when sick, many of them, especially the wealthy class, get
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consecjuencc ol" delivery, which, althou^di not equally danger-
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special vote, subsequently continued in the office of Matron
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removed on the 29th, and he was discharged cured on AprU 6,
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Some of the ribs had been parted from their cartilages, and not
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ion should not only see forms but distinguish colors.
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enlarged, the under surface bulging out in a convex mass with the toes
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Cyanosis, occurred in my insular practice the other
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Both theories, the one for the prosecution, that of poi-
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tions were repeated, the painful contractions being pursued wherever they
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would be accurately informed in regard to his opinions. But
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ache, nausea and vomiting, are seldom wanting. On inspecting the
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group of men when 0.25, 0.5 and 1 mil of a streptococcic vaccine, con-
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account of its proximity to the internal jugular vein, M. Beclard
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Sir Dyce Duckworth says concerning the " Dietary of