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Nachtrag von Dr. Buschke. — 6. Carle and Rattone. Giornale della R. Academia di
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of every community ; thus it often happens that even where the habits
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* Some aMert that tbe grey matter )a the matrix or generator of the white ; others, that it li th#
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every seventh copy /rotu.— Orders from a distance must be accompaaied by payment io advaacet ot
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rich, twice-cooked, or highly-seasoned dishes are inadmissible. Small
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paratively resistant to anthrax, when infected with this bacillus will
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Next Germany was widely ravaged. The disease appeared in North
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present no reaction of degeneration. These are cases which Avill at once
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is advisable to administer the antitoxin boldly. If, as in the ease of
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different tissue elements — glandular, muscular, nervous and cardio-
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Take, for instance, progressive abscess formation, or follow the
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a similar but somewhat drier climate, is recommended by Spanish phy-
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Botany, Chemistry and Natural Philosophy, by - > . . O. Dewbt, M.1).
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marked tenderness in passing the catheter must be reported, as it may
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having committed murder, should be suffered to be at large. The laws
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the ideas of memory or imagination are indefinite or inconiplete. And
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bacillus, which developed large spores, and had the power of peptonising
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keeping, the seed should be cleaned, dried and kept close in a glass
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traced to food - or water-supply. Direct propagation from one patient to
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the conditions of environment of these lower orders of life by which
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occurred in Russia about twenty-live years ago — its comparative fre-
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Of this number, one is an Indian and another a negro. — No returns have
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the weight ordered, sand-bags, and a couple of thin flannel bandages must
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back as well as upon the neck. The technique is of the simplest. The
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likewise presents, as such, no difficulties. These are fibroblasts — cells
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other drugs — we have in electricity a most direct and useful means to
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the barley water should be freshly made, for it cannot be given with
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of the nervous centres, and of these the most striking are the rashes.
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two factors co-exist, and may occasion a general atrophic or degenerative