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In most cases there is atrophy of the secreting gland structures,

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fluids be entirely arrested, and effusion or exosmosis

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curri'd siiortly after her last menstrual period in May, and

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niss der Ausscheiduug des Borax. Arch. f. Physiol.. Leipz.,

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Other forms of paral>'sis occur later. Paral>'sb usually is first seen when the

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In June, 1894, it was my privilege to watch the work

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Bordeaux, September 1894.— 20. Thompson. Brain, 1883, vol. vi. p. 99.— 21.

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hours. After the bath, the sweating patient must be thoroughly dried. Cold

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in a woman in the clinical wards in November. 1801, who had valvular di.'-ease

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following gangrenes of the uterine mucoua membrane, vibriones and bacilli

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have been reported in wliicli the absolute bacteriological proof of the

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ation of a permanent curvature, many ingenious methods

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tion of food, leucorrhoea, diarrhoea, bleeding-piles. The mere fact of

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derant factor in tabes, and this seems to have been gen-

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pigmented matter were seen in some of the sections. The cells of the

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In two cases the nose was not only somewhat sunken, but

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inflammatory signs had disappeared. In the second case a somewhat

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pressure from delayed labor; also blows received in the first

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It is mind, then, and not matter, on which the chief reliance must be

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Case 10. — Mr. S., a freight conductor. A very large and muscular man

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Prescribe Journal-advertised products and you prescribe the best.

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drolyze at approximately the same rate as the ionized. It was shown

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symptoms ceased. — Gaz. degli Ospitali, May 30, 1883.

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Flickering before the eyes. — American Medical Monthly.

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ordered to Fort Ringgold, Texas, for duty, relieving Captain

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least three inches of the gauze was protruding through the uterus and into the

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lacks the prince of faculties — ready adaptation of a theory to prac-

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bip. This was followed by severe pain and swelling, which

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thirteen and one-half million marks ($3,375,000) for those

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620; and the third. £15. 2nd. At the end of the first

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.-.". .:_.:..- _ ;. _ - _-. _- :■--- ::- ~. -i:~~-r _' ~. .■^.>-- zz

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several small hemoptyses, and during the following days she expectorated matter con-

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having fluorescent properties cannot, according to physical

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