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although very forcible, do not seem to me to be quite con\'incing.

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stages, without much loss of weight, gains occurred respectively of 15

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der, because, from the comparative slowness with which the

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was employed. By the end of January the discharge of pus ceased, and

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soon be added to the milk, cream and but- ated for calcification, while the free fatty

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tom, and remedies are multiplied in proportion as new

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do more than assist the natural progress of the disease.

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person, in short, whose onl}' resources are sitting on a piazza

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nares were blocked by a mass of adenoids, from which there

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2. It also affords great advantages in the remote accidents resulting

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long period of time have not been adequately made, though in

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nerve cell and lead to a complete degeneration and consequent destruc-

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which accompany the purple spots. In many cases your chief

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erytJirocytes in some cases falling b(>low 1,000,000 and the ha'mo'_do!)in to 2o

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Toronto ; Woodhouse, Miss C. F., Toronto ; Wright, C. S., Camp-

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recent outbreak of Hundl-pox at Shufiiuld upponred very o|>por-

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Tri-State Medical Society of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

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tabes dorsalisj and a variety of rare conditions gathered

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Berthenson * closes the histories of his cases by the following re-

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which accompany the purple spots. In many cases your chief

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resume their usual appearance, so far as naked eye examination goes,

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velop. The abdomen distends and is everywhere painful. Percussion

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the vessels had been secured. The disease in this case was a cancer-

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bly tortured, &c. cannot honestly prevail against it.* It lasts

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latterly loss of appetite, which had led him to be very

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group of familial intermittent albuminuria. Lastly, we come to an

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5,100, were followed by the short x-ray dose. The 48 hour count was not made

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National Hospital, Queen Square, seventy-one cases of cerebral disease

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ate to be recommendedT Sac^ are bread ma<le of unbolted flour, plenty of

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favorable cases. A certain degree of danger and uncertainty

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tary motion and sensation are re-established." It would be well for us

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ap])arent benetit. As is my custom I gave her a prescribed

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attention of all classes of the community the great value of vac-