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from twenty -four to thirty -six hours, or until a watery,

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With regard to the general question of case-taking, the

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severity of the infection, the type of feeding, and

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ally, the only cure is eradication of the source of

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tion." In this case, the parts brought and held together

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of venereal disease, is conducting approximately 175

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pleted eleven days before the first case of influenza

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the ball passed, in all probability, between the lung and the walls of

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are about equally affected on each side except in the case of

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body, the protruding eyeballs, the extreme restless-

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doses of chloroform, the sleep produced, although calm . and

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quinidia and cinchonidia, as they exist in the calisjiya, converting

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are fed on sterilized milk. The calves are tested in

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fested animals in a close room or tent and fumigate

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dicating the presence of glanders. Mallein affords an

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days, as the pain happened to recur; each puncture removed the

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good-sized, half-curved surgeon's needle, which costs

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Redmond and Mr. A. J. Blayney, under whose care the

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pracUcal energy of Dr. W. S. McOhesn^y, the Junior Editor; while

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this method of fumigation, should bear in mind the fact, that strong

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knowledge of objects, which present themselves to our notice ; he

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are also used extensively as food. They are easily han-

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Stimulants should be used, but there is no doubt that in the

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registers its own characters. In this diagram, each part of every

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twenty of these tumours in 1899. With one possilde ex-

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with. We have good data as to how the bleeding is arrested in

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And that the smallest spots of caries can be detected by it. If such

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stage was the rule. It was usually slight but in the

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much importance. He would like to know how many cases

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to be taken four times daily, and he was instructed

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covering for the end of the femur from the calf of the leg, as rep-

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thin bran gruels and a little hay may be offered. If the

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wiirg conveyccf into the apartments of that ship, and wa& then pro-

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had felt quite easy since I gave him that stuffy^^ indicating th«

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visualized. The possibilities, as well as the technic

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Physicians will readily understand something of the value of

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After the hair comes off, the parasites leave the part,

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City of Detroit, suggesting measures for the prevention of Asiatic