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remedy in bad cases of diphtheria, and. what is worse, in large doses

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quantities; has suffered great loss in weight, and has lived

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linity of the blood is diminished, and the condition known

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other men from exercising the prerogative he himself daims.

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nation. The examining finger comes into contact with

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the administration of iodine or its salts. If these are not suc-

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Any person convicted of practicing medicine or surgery without having

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spinal accessory contained in the recurrent laryngeal nerves. The laryn-

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Dearly every one of which has a page to itself, neatly

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"...by allowing our movies and television screens to teach our children that the hero is the one who masters the art of

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All were then alike ignorant of the great laws of aseptic and

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midwife, but whether the outbreak in these cases can be ascribed to

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I claim that this saw will remove the average bony de-

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his time is, however, fully occupied and being naturally

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reducing the danger of taking up the infectious germs to a minimum,

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The main characteristic of this severe form of measles is the

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local symptoms of the true variola are heat, swelling; and

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and Koussin have not found this method so successful in practice as these

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bladder, which is the most likely to be confounded with an absc^ess, is to \ye

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Up to the present time it has been adopted in over two

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white color, with small arteries. The disc was clearly defined.


ence of certain drugs, as pilocarpin, sodium salicylate, and

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prising, considering the profound impression which the disease produces on

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Si'BScRiPTioN Terms: $5.00 per year, in advance, postage paid,

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of tetanus or of any other exceptional nervous disease

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diagnosis of septicsemia (puerperal fever) is determined

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noticed to be very soft and pliable, and as they grew were irregular

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previously irritated and influenced by the heat of the