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for he says, B& morbo regio fatuitas out stupiditas mala est The
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(November 26) having had fever every evening for the previous month and a
'Practitioner (1907), 78, 766; Fevers in the Tropics (Oxford Medical
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by benzine enemas, the eggs disappeared from the stools and a rapid and per-
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then been passed down beyond the supposed or known point
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(Demonstration). Wien. klin. Wchnsch., (1890), 3, 487.— t tiber Madu-
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walls from the infiltrated deposit of tuberculous matter — we
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somewhat similar manifestations. For example, the Oidia or Blasto-
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as a " tooth fever," with inflammatory irritation of the intestinal mucous
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generation, but from their eggs or germs floating in the atmos-
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is a much greater number than the two which thev saw in St. Paul's
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and has sometimes a remittent, sometimes a continued type. The
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of the general health of English-speaking civilians in the Philippines
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salt solution or distilled water readily disintegrate into fine., flat particles which
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resident" physician of the prison. The stools passed after treatment were
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The history of Rotten Eow is suggestive of some pernicious
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condylomata, as well as mucous accumulations upon the chords, are ca-
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changes, while the large intestine shows only one small area situated low down
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spots were treated with various antiseptic ointments and lotions for nearly two
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as a cause, some violent muscular effort, the lifting of a heavy burden,
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haemorrhage is singularly uniform, whether it occur in consumption, or
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both cholesterin and biliary coloring matter with lime are dissolved by
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mention an act of folly which I have often seen practised by tavern-
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bear it — which, unfortunately, is not always the case — we may cover the
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result of such inhalation of irritating substances, but only appears
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found it fifty-three times in four thousand autopsies, or in about
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any known cause, want of fatty matter in the subcutaneous
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of constipation, sausage-shaped feces, of extraordinary size, are often
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bined make 460, equal to 59.13 per cent of the total number of patients.
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patient. They attach themselves by transfixing a fold of mucous membrane, by
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eyebrow. I prescribed for her nothing more than the ordinary hospital
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directly dependent upon bronchiectasis, being due rather to the con-
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Hippocrates had recognized the bad prognostic indication of this sign,
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changes abruptly to the empty tympanitic sound ; posteriorly, as the
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