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tion, multiple "swellings" appeared on the upper part of
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scribers or not. This prise will not be awarded to any one person
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smaller and were connected along irregular lines by short and dense
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constricted with destruction of the kidney. Cystoscopic
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a single injection and in a comparatively short time.
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eflPort will be put forth to make the publication of
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Organic Heart-disease during Pregnancy and Labor.— In the Medical
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the patients that come to us. Every patient presents
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food inspection, cattle inspection, milk inspection. (6)
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tinued for two weeks, after which it gradually subsided. Except for
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Muscular Rigidity. The right rectus and right lateral abdominal
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the stem. On account of the obstruction and the patient's cachexia no
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insertion of drainage. Whenever possible, however, an attempt was
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adelphia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co., iqio. Pp. xvii-923.
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bolic-acid solution and tigbt bandaging. There was considerable deformity
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ternoon) I did not personally perceive any improvement in
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that she wore while visiting her mother, a month or so
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common, as in Figs. 1-4, 8, etc. The chromatic figures in about half the
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nature has been isolated. In twenty-two fatal cases of toxaemia no rela-
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thetic. The thinness and condition of laxity of the abdominal walls
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subject of laparotomy in typhoid perforation, the author thinks that if there is
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the cadiTC'cr, thus anticipating the career of Vesalius.
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almost depopulated. In 1656 the plague appeared in Naples, and in
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ceive attention. The members of the commission are :
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considerable number of cases of acute appendicitis.
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fied in the fight they made against surgical opera-
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322, sho'sving the explanation of the symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver.
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and it was particularly important to note that beneath the site of the nodules
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the position of new ones. But oftener the bones seem to have broken
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haps, a dozen cases, all of which were under fifteen
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and pallid, had about 40 fractures produced by walking or other slight
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spread by machineiy on a suitable muslin fabric), both being useful in
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York, that there is a vacancy in the medical and surgical
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sistant, the plastic activity of the periosteum is high-
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in this fluid, fixing and displaying them properly in an inverted jar, much