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which for our own protection we must consent to. We
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tween old and new, and to be neither too stubborn to
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into the stomach after a gastro-enterostomy has proved
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tion of the cases have been Europeans, which evidently ac-
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he had obtained the first liiutfrom Alexander, of" Tralles, who
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the veins are of a livid color which is imparted to the whole limb.
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Case 4 had a H — I — I — |- tuberculous sputum, was
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communicated by means of the breath or by emanations from the body ;
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of the serial homologies of the vertebral segments."
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they are not so frequent as to invalidate the importance of the
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modifications. The sanitarian, therefore, has every reason to encourage
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pfttient can walk or stand, but long after his limbs have become absolutely
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three months, and it required two years for the leg to
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consultation with Dr. (now Sir WiUiam) Jenner. The patient
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Treatment. — When temporary improvement has occurred under our
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" All that is expected of quarantine is to keep contagious or infectious diseases
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tobacco-box, which were unaffected by the electric discharge The rigM
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In fifty-two out of the 150 cases severe and prolonged
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The case which we are about to present is one which involves ques-
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rags, brown paper, solution of iron, etc., and presenting
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stances; and syphilis, in its remote effects upon the organs and
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severe. It was general in character, and distention of the
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insignificant damage. As a result of the injection of the non-
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are not less useful during than previous to attacks.