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below the head of the fibula. Flachs recommends the side of the chest, about
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these cases is the rule. He has collected 56 cases of paralysis occurring in
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appearance of jaundice, at this time, the pulse rate diminishes to 70, 60 or
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The history was negative as regards syphilis or tuberculosis in all. There
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we can state that all applicants with adverse family histories
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Incidental eruptions have been noted from the beginning of vaccination.
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individual, the onset and course of the disease which pre-
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In rare cases there may be a definite nephritis, which is always serious.
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companying poison which was retained in the blood and thus
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a whole by being elevated by an exudation beneath it. Microscopically two
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his fate sooner or later in the nepenthe of intemperance.
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and Ryffel, Shaw and Berger, have investigated these acids, and it is clear
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against all t^'pes of dysenteric bacilli is highly recommended. The author
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records from other companies have been disposed of at my
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suddenly with loss of power, ansesthesia to the elbows, and hypersesthesia of
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also to smallpox. Exceptions to this made Layet put the period of safety at
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bacillus; certainly during the puerperium and lactation typhoid fever is
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lives. Naturally such an arrangement as this can only be
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lous ulcer and are often very soft in their central parts, sometimes losmg the
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an examiner to shade points that might have an unfavorable
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(b) Trauma. — Although the existence of "konkussions-pneumonie," as
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the disease which we now designate by this name was confused with others,
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thoroughly scrubbed with soap and water, and boiled for
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whole rash is usually out within forty-eight hours and a second crop is
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$1000, or on plans involving a lower rate with an extra
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cases. Cornil succeeded in demonstrating pneumococcus in the majority of
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if the pulse is rapid, feeble and dicrotic and the respirations hurried. It is
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considerable revisioD was made necessary in orderthat it conform to
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diminished and as a rule there are no clots in the heart. The muscles are
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lowest epidermis cells undergo a hyaline fibrinoid degeneration and form the
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be too large. Rectal enemata may be used if necessary, and even sub-