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immunity may be established, and the cutaneous reaction will

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were not accessible to me, I have asked Dr. Reynolds,

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To stiiiii the liiMnitu poHtfrior til)ial iH" scinlic ncivcs af-

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illustrate various types of fractures and operations for their cure.

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shooting pains in her legs. The attacks of pain had been

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with the refuse and dirt of the city, while other por-

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[17] Polk. 7Vnfi.-t. Anu-r. Gyn. Soc., I'hilad., 1889, xiv. pp. 2.')0-69.

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origin. Further investigation will perhaps clear up

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etc., as well as stations. The recent crusade against spitting in New

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the anterior pole of the egg-shell, which is furnished with

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[A colossal lipoma of left side of face.] Sipski arh. za

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before systole begins when all the valves are closed, so that a physiological

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membrane are, necessarily, also made tense, stretched, and, under

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self have already had a case coming under the new penal code,

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cal action of incandescent light energy would have any un-

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they should lie, and the chest is, therefore, more cylindrical, or

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If I am not correct, why is it that mushroom or amateur doctors

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the Wassermann reaction was rapidly becoming negative, the cells

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Note. — After this paper was in type, my attention was called to

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clinical investigation reveals a history of familial or of personal infection.

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obesity, and, finally, hunger, are all contra-indications for subjecting one's

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the hospital in seventeen days without any signs of irritation,

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beneficial or harmful? Third — Were there any patho-

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of the bleeding on board of ship, and *was kept in a constant

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William Chance, "only to take in cases they know W ill ;

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Gliomas are not commonly multiple, and metastasis is practically

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minims than you wish to inject, then grasp the point of

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subject, but not entirely new to those of the homoeopathic

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make it air-tight as when the doors stood open. There is no difficulty

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His mouth became very sore, his breath fetid, his gums spongy, the

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mentioned, be a suitable case for this mode of treatment. It will

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renals, Fallopian tubes, and spine. Critical examination of all

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cent, of 1,773 protected cattle, and 1-74 per cent, of 3,036 non-inoculated

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aluminium chloride. The old-fashioned treatment by nitrate of silver,

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1 'The Physical Examination of the Stomach. Mark L. Knapp.

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six years. He died some time in the course of the year 1853, but, as

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Figure 3. — The graph shows the male-female ratio of pertussis

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ment, (b) terminal, of late development, and (c) those of intermediary

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not assume the very mild form generally shewn by syphihs

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may seem, at first sight, a far-fetched objection, but a mo-

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better success than attended my ministrations in the spring of