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May 25th. — Fiflus tcilh Protrinnon of Oie Membranes of the Brain,

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is empty. For this reason the drug is not of much value in

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inches over the parietal bone. The wound, which appeared to have

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slight depth Ijelow, without the shadow of a sleeper or anything to

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tion, but ■without any permanent eftect, as he refused to take medi-

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greeable enough to give a name for the " machine " which produces

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the affection must continue for months, and may as well be treated

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lungs to the tissues, and to transform it into ozone. Iron is

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physically, than agents whose interest did not extend beyond the re-

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ant, and is even said to be three times more efficient in this-

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supply of the stomach. Chloroform has a local anaesthetic

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tliesi' latter days — science is indebted for so many acquisitions, hu-

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Calomel is partially transformed, by the alkaline secretions

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Synonym. — Sal ammoniac, ammonia muriatica or hydro-

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arising in France from an absence of outlet by enugration. The fig-

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apartment, indicated (as is Avell known in chemical analysis) the

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several of which arc appropriated to midwifery cases. Patients in the

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a decigramme, according to the decimal system, would therefore corres-

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morrhage still continued after the ligation of these vessels, proceeding,

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minutes, and that even volvulus may be relieved ; that there

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varicose veins, paralysis, absence of teeth [adontia ?J and intermittent

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marks give a brief and injperfect retrospect, I have learned that

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