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duty and rectitude of principle which characterized his

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hospital. This represents a cooperative effort directed to the welfare of

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To find effect of removal of one ovary in causing compensatory

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Pathological Report on a Case of Dermatitis Vesiculo-Bul-

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orbit. The junction of the nerves was so much enlarged,

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If the test is negative the color remains a light yellow, which be-

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in Alaska and on the Pacific coast, four in the Philippines, and one

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dressings, including details of his many experiments upon bacteria. He spoke

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is attested by the fact that at various times he served as a Regent of

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berg has gone over this whole subject quite carefully, and has found that

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the slightest stridor. When his eyelids were separated the pupils

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proliferation, green in color, of the periosteum of the vertebras

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establishing of a correct diagnosis. I can scarcely

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peared, but the patient's condition still continued

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Race. — The question of varying susceptibility in different races has

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feature of medicine was the promulgation of three medical

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Sir: An interesting case of murder has just occurred here.

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it causes each section of the volume to be complete in itself.