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and Yale. In his sophomore year he was treasurer of the football

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cells with considerable fibrous connective tissues and has the ap

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ment holding cells of such size can take place in the alveoli much

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cultural environmental aesthetic and spiritual aspects of a person s existence.

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stitution and By laws a medical society shall be organized in every


current by the closure of the valves is called the predicrotic wave.

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small drops. The second group is composed of saponified fats and

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The thoracic portion of the aorta is involved in about per cent.

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As can be seen from the results however whereas the toxicity of

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and the patient is detained in the hospitalization of the same grouped

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bacilli. The diagnosis of glanders is assured in every case in which the

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A nnmber of cases have been reported in which young children have suffered

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The diff erent granules arc separated from one another by a

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bitter substance bile he passed a very comfortable evening.

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places his hand which must not be cold against the bare abdomen.

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sequence in these instances of contracted muscle but merely of the

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putrid effluvia are sure to be subjects of Cholera Infantum. Almost

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inflammations of the anterior segment such as conjunctivitis keratitis

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GiUenin Dose Tonic three to five grs Emetic ten to twenty five g

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No other essential findings were noted save a catarrhal gastritis

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to accomplish the cure of any disease should first invoke the aid of

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cially may such a result be anticipated from a careful comparison of

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the movements arrested or restrained over the left upper

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tongues. About three o clock Anne Murray lost the power of

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providing utilization review services. It proposes that

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ber of a scientific fraternity and as a general practitioner in

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subjects in dematology. Considerable attention is given to the

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he administers in small doses but for some length of time and

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composed of two members from each of the ten districts into which

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rationem Clavicularum Animantium Brutorum cum Huma

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Another valuable method of treatment consists in the patient

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full development only after some length of time sometimes again the