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ii, 400.— tie Oendre (P.) La fi6vre typhoide chez les
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which enter the liver and biliary passages from the
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cision with which the picture images the outlines and the pro-
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a second digestion, the completion of the first, or that effected in
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ous omission. He was enabled to commence practice on the
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above conditions be present, sterility will be very likely to follow.
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greater portion of the time occupied by the cremation
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assisted by Dr. Purser. On removing the cah^arium the brain
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febbri intermitteuti ; memori,a patologico-clinica. Ginr.
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dent who quoted St. Paul against him : '< That is where
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had been ruptured by a kick on the abdomen, leading to death by peritonitis.
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ania conditions are such as to be correctly represented by Nageli's figures,
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Eupture of the membranes in every case. — Eupture of the membranes in
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C. Cases requiring an operation which may he postponed
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toms mentioned — pain, pallor, some loss of flesh, etc. ; in
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the brain, seemed to indicate the exhibition of tartar emetic, nor was
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*' There is a remarkable parallelism between the modifications impressed
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tion itself, mistake in the dietary, and in the season of the year.
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temperatum,) being taken as the t\ pe of health, it follows that this tem-
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scar left after the operation for the removal of the
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stitute of Physiology.” It was a dismal place indeed.
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April 29-30— Clinical Strategies for the Primary Care Physician:
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From disuse the muscles become weak, and when this is'
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The author has done foiu: cases. The first has been
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are the spigelia marilandica, camphor, and the spts. terebinth. Con-
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Failure of Organized Health System Reform — Now What?
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to anaesthesia. The majority of the w^ounded had no con-
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strong spirits ; and hence the name ffin drinker' b liver.
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ethyl-hydrocuprein. While mercurophen seemed to be the more
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under observation ; vision in R. E. remains the same,
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made of adhesions. Sometimes it is entirely free. I
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extreme a degree of contraction of the aortic or mitral orifice has been
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tend with, and Laennec pointed out the indications for the operation
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be added to our purgative formuke. After a certain period, it becomes
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to be certain that the subjects of cerebral hypertrophy are not ahvays
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commissioners were accompanied to tlie railway-station by
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It is more difficult to establish with any certainty what becomes
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an ointment, Cattani uses solutions of two to ten per-
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The following case, which I wish to add to the list,
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especially in patients who should not receive cime-
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tion that they publish the photographs he supplied with
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accordingly. On the following morning the father called again
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which proved most quickly fatal, the cerebral vessels were not congested. The
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the Hospitals of Bellevue are more crowded with sick than
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a most strenuous defender of that operation, Dr. R.