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first the secretion is scanty, but, after the disease has lasted a very
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nistration of tuberculin. It has been shown, however, that
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treatment of afebrile pulmonary tuberculosis. Subjecting his
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which it also gives rise to specific inflammation and suppuration. A
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the method in which clotting is prevented and the material
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opsonic action upon bacteria which are obtained fi-om the
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life, there remain upon his head bald smooth depressed spots, whose
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in other cases there is no redness or swelling, and the severe pain ia
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ing to the hairs, while still others are sprinkled upon the clothing, are
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are very often seen, and more rarely erythema, roseola, urticaria, pete-
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than that it depends on disease of some other organ, covered by peri-
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excitability is generally normal ; there may be slight anaesthesia of
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that the disease usually lasts for several weeks, although, if the pa-
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ceived assumption. The results of opsonic treatment were surprising only
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My questioner was not an Irishman, but it sounded as if
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injurious influence acting on the nerve escapes observation (as in neu-
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epithelium and copious transudation, in decided thickening of the
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very rarely found in the spinal canal. The latter had either devel-
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covery that the occasional predisposition of a place to an extension of
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direct lesion of the optic nerve by a tumor, meningitis, etc., or second-
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terior lip in anteflexion. The internal orifice, on the contrary, is
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shape in a testimonial from his old pupils, which was so largely
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glands, and parts around them, swell so as to rise half a line or a line
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speaks against the identity of varicella and variola poison. Why
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very probably the bearers of the poison reproduced in the infected or-
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This would therefore appear to give us a simple criterion
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and then 5 volumes of distilled water. Mix in the barrel of the pipette and
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symptoms, I did not consider it necessary to explore the interior of the
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epithelium here and there ; and the tubules collapse after the epithe-
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cancer of the colon. Adhesions binding down the bowel may
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sequel of the most varied forms of disturbance of nutrition. Perhaps