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in the length of the legs. 1 have satisfied myself by the examina-

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and gasping, occasional breathing being the only indication of life. A

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tary life, disregard for nature^s calls, continued use and abuse

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That from upwards of twenty years experience in the use of almost

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Twelve months have passed since it came into practice, and the

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The corollary from what has been said, is, that the definition

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and in whom the cauterization of the neck of the bladder does not

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solete as the incantations of the Egyptian priests. Having once commit-

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ment, increasing the quantity of the tincture of Guaiac. to half

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matter, which require further investigation. Thus, if we take

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most always diminished in the recumbent posture, and increased

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fore depend upon these. But I proceed further; I now remove

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dy. The head becomes fixed, or there is torticollis, by the action

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system which would lead to the view of mind in the concrete, and

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the result of a fermented mixture of sour milk, chalk and

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trust is not faithfully fulfilled. We mean that in other countries, where

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can obviate the necessity for depletion, we do most firmly believe,

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condition of the Atmosphere. By "W. L. Joxes. M. D., of Morgan

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sized the importance of early operation, not waiting for the

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ning the muck" which simply expresses & penchant mauvaise

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invention of mine, which, if you think worthy, insert in your

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store of interesting matter, illustrated by tables, charts, &c f It is indicative

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portion of the State. The " Hirudo decora," a leech found abundantly in

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intestinal end over one of the collars to the line of junction, at

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South, that the northern carnivora and nations, who, for want

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he, in consequence, was induced to try it with great success.

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acid treatment is so well adapted, the disease consisting mainly of

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as proof that it may always be given with impunity in the same

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forms of piles by the application of nitric acid, and since the intro-

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with reference to opiates. (Mem. The less a patient thinks