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sometimes found. In several instances we have obser>eid areas in which

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jtrocess of (ilti'alion into the neitrhlioiin!; lymph s))aecs oecuis (see

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Many cases have been regarded as ascending infections because of the

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has h'd to the hypothesis that all processes of inti'rmcdiary metaholism in

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case of gastric tetany an increased number of eosinophilous cells and many

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or a mere trace that may persist for many weeks, as may also a mild cylin-

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the presence of the myasthenic reaction and the absence of wasting, fibrillary

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iraction (I to '1 em per minutc>. piv.-e.lcd by an inhi. .ti..u ..t the walls

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acute features had subsided are not considered) showed that in the largest

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overgrowth, as it has been tenned, be excessive, the kidney is always small.

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Pick). Angiosarcoma (perithelioma) or endothelioma may produce alveolar

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there was another attack of dizziness, with asphyxia and superficial necrosis

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prisMire, they will distc^nd. If no chance ■icciirs, the osmotic pressure .d

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of ii.u'mal gastric juice. The determination of the free hydrochloric aci-'

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Adumdxoplasia and Rickets. — It will be panted at once that until the

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operative relief is generally necessary, and suprapubic drainage is usuallv

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liaiid, we know that the iilood supply to this (Ufjaii does vary ooii-

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patients and 1800 skin cases saw only one instance of scleroderma. At the

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5. Brownian Movement. Like the paiiieles In lini> niechanical suspen-

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.•d'so,pt,on ,s a„ in,po,tant function .,f this i.a,t of the st.miaeh.

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with age. These last two investigators have estimated by more accurate

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first day or at the latest the second day there is a sensation of fulness in the

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the condition is called dela.\ c-l ciniduction. The ventricles respond t'

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or even represent past insanity, alcoholism, or drug habit.

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iMnrclnn. K. W: Kii,"l I'lii-imiim, I'niv. (if riiii-.iUM Pi,.ss. 1917.

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and casts, the unusually low specific gravity, e. g., 1004, and the absence of

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